Data Must Be Collected About Three Facets of Each Business Activity What Are They??

Each business action must have data gathered on three aspects: the activity of interest, the resource impacted by the activity, and the individuals who engage in the activity.

Similarly, What is the first step in the data processing cycle?

Step 1: Gathering The initial stage in the data processing cycle is to acquire raw data. The kind of raw data gathered has a significant influence on the final product. As a result, raw data should be collected from specified and accurate sources in order for the conclusions to be legitimate and useable.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following is not a step in the data processing cycle?

Which of the following is NOT a data processing cycle step? Answer: A – Because data collecting is a component of data intake, it is not a stage in the data processing cycle.

Secondly, Which of the following is the most frequently revenue cycle transaction?


Also, How does the chart of accounts list general ledger accounts?

The chart of accounts is a list of all accounts used in an organization’s general ledger. Accounting software uses the graphic to combine data into financial statements for a business. To make it easier to locate individual accounts, the chart is frequently arranged by account number.

People also ask, What are the 4 stages of data processing?

Data collection is the first of four steps in the data processing cycle. Input of data Processing of data Output of data

Related Questions and Answers

What is business data processing?

Raw corporate data is transformed into useful information by data processing systems or information systems. To extract information from business data, several methodologies and technologies are used. Data input, data conversion, data mining, data purification, and other processes are all part of the process.

What is data processing cycle?

The data processing cycle is a series of procedures for converting data into useable information. The goal of this processing is to provide actionable data that can be utilized to improve a company’s performance.

Which of the following is included in data processing phase?

Input of data, source documents, data storage, data modification, and data output are the processes in a data processing cycle when considered of in the context of accounting.

Which of the following is not part of data processing?

Q.Which of the four primary data processing capabilities of a computer is NOT one of them? A.collection of dataB.transformation of data into informationC.analysis of data or informationD.archival of data or information 1 more row

What are source documents in business?

What is the definition of a source document? The original document that provides the specifics of a commercial transaction is known as a source document. A source document contains crucial information regarding a transaction, such as the parties’ identities, sums paid (if any), the date, and the transaction’s content.

Which of the following is an example of a source document?

Sales receipts, cheques, purchase orders, invoices, bank statements, and payroll records are all examples of source documents. These are all original papers that were generated as a result of a transaction and are the foundation of an accounting system.

What is considered a key supporting document in the revenue cycle?

Source of Revenue Cycle Document Purpose Record the customer’s purchase order. Record the customer’s delivery on the delivery ticket. Advice on remittances Receive money. credit note Support client account modifications.

What is included in chart of accounts?

The Chart of Accounts of a firm is a list of all the Asset, Liability, Equity, Revenue, and Expense accounts in the General Ledger. The number of accounts on the chart of accounts varies according to the company’s size.

What are the 3 stages of data processing?

The following are the steps: 1. Data Preparation 2. Program Planning 3. Compilation and Execution of the Program

What is collecting the data?

The practice of acquiring quantitative and qualitative data on specified variables with the goal of analyzing results or gaining actionable insights is known as data collection. To guarantee that the data you gather is clean, consistent, and dependable, you need a defined method.

What are the data processing activities?

There are six phases to data processing. Data gathering The initial stage in data processing is data collection. Preparation of data After the data has been acquired, the data preparation step begins. Input of data Processing. Data interpretation/output Storage of information.

What is data processing and types?

Data processing is a technique for manipulating information. It refers to the transformation of unstructured data into useful, machine-readable material. It is a method of transforming unstructured data into useful information.

What is business data processing give example?

Although most people are acquainted with the phrase “word processing,” computers were designed for “data processing”—the organizing and manipulation of enormous volumes of quantitative data, or “number crunching” in computer jargon. Calculation of satellite orbits, weather forecasts, and other applications of data processing

What is data example?

Facts or numbers, or information stored in or utilised by a computer, are all examples of data. Information gathered for a research article is an example of data. An email is an example of data. noun

What are the examples of data processing?

8 Data Processing Examples Electronics. A digital camera uses a set of algorithms based on a color model to turn raw data from a sensor into a picture file. Decision-making assistance. Integration. Automation. Transactions. Media.\sCommunication. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

What are the 5 stages of data processing cycle?

Data Processing & Stages of Data Processing Collection. The term “data collection” refers to the act of collecting information. Preparation. Preparation is the process of assembling a dataset of data from several sources for later use in the cycle’s processing stage. Input.\sProcessing. Interpretation and output Storage.

What is data that has been organized into something that is meaningful and useful?

INFORMATION is the solution. Explanation: Data that has been arranged or presented in a meaningful manner is known as information.

Which of the following is not one of the four major classes of information systems?

184. Which of the four primary types of information systems is not one of them? System of knowledge.

Which of the following is not a major function of computer?

Scanning text is not a standard computer operation; instead, it is accomplished with scanner hardware.

What are three types of business documents?

You Can Make a Variety of Business Documents! Financial Contract. Financial agreements are commercial papers that assist you assess your company’s success. Reports on Business. Corporate Bylaws Employment Contract. Minutes of Meetings Document.

What are the types of source documents?

Bank Statements are one example of source documents. Payroll Statements Invoices. Contracts & Leases Examine the registers. Orders to buy. Bank statements do not contain deposit slips. Copies of checks are not included on bank statements.

What are the 4 source documents in accounting?

Source documents in the accounting sector include receipts, bills, invoices, statements, and cheques – basically anything that records a transaction.

What is the importance of business documents in accounting?

Source Documents’ Importance The source document is critical to the bookkeeping and accounting process since it establishes the existence of a financial transaction. During an accounting or tax audit, source papers serve as a transaction trail that backs up the accounting journals and general ledger.

What details are common to all the source documents collected?

Checks and invoices are the most prevalent papers. Receipts A source document often provides the following information in its most basic form: The transaction’s start date. The transaction’s entire amount. The transaction’s description. One or more signatures of authorization.


A “turnaround document” is a document that has been created to help business owners track the progress of their company. The turnaround document will have three different aspects of each business activity listed in it.

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“The most common source document in the expenditure cycle is the purchase order.” Reference: which of the following is the most common source doc in the expenditure cycle.

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