Cross-references Should Be Prepared for Business Names When?

Similarly, When a company changes its name new files are filed under the new name?

New files are still put under the previous name even if a corporation changes its name.

Also, it is asked, When indexing names with a number plus a symbol 25 social center both the number and the symbol are treated as the same unit?

Both the number and the symbol are handled as one unit when indexing names with a number and a symbol (25+ Social Center). The title is the final indexing unit if a name has a title and a suffix (Mrs. Heather Lach, CPA).

Secondly, When indexing a name for alphabetic filing royal and religious titles are indexed and filed as written?

Numeric suffixes are filed before alphabetic suffixes when indexing a name for alphabetic filing. Royal and religious titles are indexed and filed as written when indexing a name for alphabetic filing. Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3) are filed after Roman numbers when indexing names for alphabetic filing (II, IX, C).

Also, When indexing names for filing in an alphabetic system symbols such as and are?

This collection of terms includes (20) Single letters in company and organization names are indexed as written in an alphabetic filing system. Separate indexing units are articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. Symbols are spelt out in full when indexing names for an alphabetic file system.

People also ask, What is the correct filing order for the names listed?

Individuals’ names are indexed alphabetically by last names first, first names or initials second, and then middle initials or names third. A single-letter initial or name comes before a full name beginning with the same letter.

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When the word the is the first word in a business name it is?

Each word in a company name is considered an independent entity. Symbols are written in their entirety. The word THE is considered the final indexing unit when it occurs as the first word in a company name. You just finished studying 12 terms!

When indexing names with a number plus a symbol both the number and the symbol are treated as the same unit?

Both the number and the symbol are handled as one unit when indexing names with a number and a symbol (25+ Social Center). Hyphens in company names are written out when indexing a name for alphabetic filing.

Which statement is true when indexing a personal name?

Personal Names – This is how a personal name is indexed: The main unit is the surname (last name), the second unit is the given (first) name or initial, and the third unit is the middle name or initial.

What are the indexing rules for alphabetic filing?

When indexing a person’s name, put the units in this order: last name as Unit 1, first name or initial as Unit 2, middle name or initial as Unit 3, and middle name or initial as Unit 3. When two names in Unit 1 begin with the same letter, you arrange them alphabetically using the next or second letter.

Why are indexing rules important when filing names alphabetically?

When filing names alphabetically, why are indexing rules important? The indexing units in a filing segment must be selected by a filer. Written guidelines serve as a reference for filers in reliably identifying indexing units.

When using alphabetic filing rules last name of prefixes are?

When employing alphabetic filing rules, prefixes’ last names are filed as follows: As a single indexing element.

How do you file names in alphabetical order?

Compare the initial unit letter by letter to alphabetize names. If the initial letters are the same, file in the second letter’s category, and so on. Individuals’ names are organized in the following order: last name, first name or initial, middle name or initial. Smith Smith K.

When indexing foreign government names the English translated version is the first indexing unit?

The English translated version is the initial indexing unit when indexing foreign government names. When two persons have the same name, you should first check to determine whether their titles and suffixes distinguish them.

How are hyphenated names treated using the Arma general rules?

Prefixes like (Mc in McDonald’s and L in L’Auburn) are retained, but any apostrophe is removed. Without a space, hyphenated names are written as one name (Anderson-Wilkins would be ANDERSONWILKINS). Period-added names (A.J.) are written as two independent components.

How do you cross-reference a business name?

Compare the old and new names. Move the records from the old name to the new name if there are just a handful. If the previous name has a lot of records, keep them but add a cross-reference to the front of them. When cross-posting, use a “SEE ALSO” cross-reference.

What are filing rules?

Filing Regulations Rule 1: File names alphabetically by first letter. Rule 2: File in terms of the second letter if the initial letters are the same. Rule 3: Sort your files by surname. Rule 4: If the surnames are the same, file by initial.

What are the 10 rules in alphabetic filing system?

This collection of terms includes (13) 1)Order of precedence. Three parts to the name. Last name of unit one (key unit). Unit # two. Your first name. The third unit. Initials or middle name 2)An assortment of words and symbols Prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and symbols are all treated as different entities. 3)Punctuation. Abbreviations and initials 5)Titles.

Should I put the word the in my business name?

In the name, you may use “the.” You cannot use the same name as an existing company. Even if a trade name is not registered, the right to use it belongs to the person who originally used it.

Can we use the before company name?

No, we simply say “Xerox” or “Exxon-Mobile” when we write or speak corporate names. We might use “the company” when referring to a specific corporation, such as “Xerox” or “Exxon-Mobile.” The example you provided is accurate.

Should a business name be capitalized?

Here’s a more comprehensive list of nouns that should be capitalized: Companies, institutions, and brands’ names. Months, Days, and Holidays Governmental Institutions

What is a filing segment?

segment of filing The name given to a record when it is saved and requested. indexing. The mental process of deciding which filing segment (or name) a record should be filed in, as well as the putting or listing of things in a system-specific order.

When a file is removed from the system what should be left in its place?

When you remove a file, it goes to the Recycle Bin. On the Desktop, you’ll find the Recycle Bin. It has a recycling bin or trash can icon that varies depending on whether the Recycle Bin has any files in it. The recycle bin is a container for files that have been removed.

When records are no longer being requested on a regular basis and records storage space is limited?

Inactive records should be migrated to inactive records storage when they are no longer sought on a regular basis and storage space is restricted.

How should hyphenated names be filed?

The Modern Language Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Chicago Manual of Style all agree that hyphenated names should be alphabetized starting with the first letter of the first name in the series, without regard for hyphens.

How do you alphabetize a business name with initials?

Rule #2: Initials are placed first. Initials are treated as distinct entities and filed alphabetically. If you have to file J.K. Smith and K. Nyugen, you should file J.K. Smith first. What if the initials are same, such as J.K. Smith and J.K. Nyugen?

When names are identical filing order is determined by the addresses in which order?

The addresses decide the filing order of identical names. In this sequence, compare addresses: (1) city names, (2) state or province names, (3) street names, and (4) house or building numbers.

When filing letters into subject folders How are records arranged in the folder OBJ 8?

12. How do records become organized in topic folders when filing correspondence? Organize correspondence by topic first, then alphabetically by the names of the correspondents.

How does a filer code a document for a new correspondence or subject that does not have an assigned number?

How does a filer add a number to a document for a new correspondent or topic who does not have one? In the top right corner of the paper, write the letter G and code the filing section.

What type of index is needed when numbers are used to identify specific subjects?

A numeric index is necessary when numbers are used to identify individual topics.


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