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Product Description

Letz is the award-winning tasks reminder and work organizer app that fits your life and adapts to your needs and daily habits. It provides the Artifical Intelligence to empower professional productivity for individuals.

Lucy is the AI powered chatbot that will talk to you like a real personal assistant and serves to people who work for themselves like contractors, freelancers, entrepreneurs.

By using Letz you will experience being productive and never forget what is left on your to-do list. Letz is extremely easy to use and is all about get things done. On the other hand, Lucy is always there to plan your day. She never forgets about you even though you sometimes forget about her.

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Benefits for the user

Grocery/shopping list

You will never ever forget an item of your grocery or shopping list! Everything is subordinate.

Personal assistant

Letz brings you the personal assistant Lucy, who will help you with your day to day hustle.

Chat experience

Manage your tasks like never before. As easy as chatting with a friend.

Google/Facebook sync

Sync your Google calendar and Facebook events in Letz. Awesome, right?

Relevant news

Lucy knows what you prefer to read, and she knows exactly when to send it to you.

Know the weather

You will get the umbrella on time, don't worry. Daily forecast will arrive to you on time.

Voice entry

In case you are in a hurry or just want to skip typing, you can just tell your tasks to Lucy.


A good joke is always welcome, right? Lucy will never let you feel bored.

Letz benefits

It's easy and intuitive to use

What others say about us

Nina Angelovska, CEO & Co-Founder at Grouper.mk

"Time management and organization are everybody's challenges today. Letz makes it easier to deal with the super busy chaotic daily hustle!"

Petar Ninovski, CEO & Founder at Brainster

"Letz is a perfect and super easy to use Productivity app! It helped me to enhance my task management and get more done."

Tedi Pejoski, Partner at GSIX Inc

"Letz makes it super easier for me to be in charge of my day."

Nina Nikolic, Storyteller & Startup Scout

"It's been almost a year of a super productive friendship with Lucy and thanks to her AI functionalities I have been more productive, professionally and personally."

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